CC: Donald Trump's First 100 Days in Office.

Crisis Cabinet

The first 100 days phenomenon was born of a financial crisis in the year 1933. The one hundred day mark adresses a tradition to measure the performance and capability of the president in the first presidential term and provides an insight into how the president will run the country.
Some of the experts suggest that downplaying the importance of the first 100 days is the right thing to do, because adapting to White House’s dynamics might be quite challenging for an unpracticed president for in that short term. And for those who are unaware, President Donald Trump does not have a prior experience in politics.
Also, the one hundred day mark in the office may also be referred to the administration’s first 100 days in the White House.
We will witness Donald Trump’s ability to run an administration and a country with his cabinet during the first session of H’MUN CC: Donald Trump’s First 100 Days in the Office.

Under-Secretary General: Ece NART

Academic Assistant: Berk ŞENAĞAÇ