The Cabinet of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Crisis Cabinet

The Cabinet of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
One year ago, the journalist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and never walked out. In the months that followed, the facts of his disappearance and murder would emerge in fragments: an international high-tech spy game, a diabolical plot, a gruesome killing, and a preposterous cover-up reaching the highest levels of the Saudi government, aided by the indifference and obstinacy of the White House. Eventually those fragments came to comprise a macabre mosaic. The Arab Spring’s seismic impact on the region not only shifted the political landscape, it also sparked a new wave of cultural thought. It refocused attention onto Arabic arts and literature as a prism through which various scholars sought to understand ongoing social changes.
Two world changing conflicts and one common point; the involvement of the magnicifent kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will the ministers will be the real saviors of the kingdom and the builders of vision 2030 or will they stay in silence and ready to collapse the kingdom?

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