North Atlantic Council

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North Atlantic Council (NAC) is the political decision making body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it is formed by Permanent Representatives from all NATO member nations. It is established under Article 9 of NATO’s founding document, this also makes them the only body established by the Treaty in 1949 which NAC holds the power to set up subsidiary bodies for various policy functions. The NAC is the principal political decision-making body and oversees the political and military process relating to security issues affecting the whole Alliance. The meetings of the NAC are chaired by the Secretary General of NATO. Each Member State represented at the NAC or on any of its subordinate committees retains complete sovereignty and responsibility for its own decisions.

Under-Secretary General: İrem Ebru İŞGÜZAR

Agenda Item:
a) NATO’s external relations and allies
b) The defense spending conundrum
c) Assuring NATO’s Relevance and Challenging Misinformation